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Areas of Expertise


MPB will use state-of-the-art/HIPAA compliant technology to successfully capture your billable charges while not adding any additional work to your office. MPB will edit your coding and charges, and bill effectively to legally maximize your reimbursement. Your medical office will maintain control of your records so that you will not have to call an independent company to verify patient's records. Your Practice receives the checks and sends the EOB's to MPB for posting and follow-up.

Alternatively if your practice does not want to spend thousands of dollars on software and hardware your practice may access our web-based practice management programs and use it for a low monthly fee. It includes a free EHR that can earn your practice approximately $44,000 per provider under the HITECH reimbursement act. 

For larger volume practices we offer a pay per claim service. This is a widely used system of larger group practices with 10 or more doctors.

Each client gets a team of billers. Thus, multiple eyes on each account mean less errors and higher collection rates for clients.


MPB accesses payment information in one of two ways:

  1. Electronic Remittance Advice files (ERA’s), which are posted automatically to the patient’s financial account; and
  2. Paper Remittance Notices, which are forwarded to MPB upon receipt by the practice.

The ERA’s and Remittance Notices are heavily scrutinized by our Payment Posting Team and our software to ensure appropriate payment. If there is a remaining balance on a claim or a claim is denied, it becomes the responsibility of our expert Accounts Receivable team.

accounts receivable management

MPB utilizes processes on the front end of the medical billing cycle to limit the number of claims that are denied or underpaid. However, another level of rigorous follow-up is in place if denials do occur. Our experienced Accounts Receivable specialists are trained to identify the appropriate response to the varied denials that arise. They are also trained to recognize patterns and communicate with the other team members, as well as practice staff, to prevent repeat denials in the future. 

MPB expects your A/R to be less than 21 days out. With our current clients our A/R is approximately 10-17 days out. We generate an A/R report every 14 days and place calls to insurance companies to inquire about claims aging past 30 days.

charge entry

MPB provides complete-cycle medical billing services. You provide demographic information on each patient and charge information for each visit. We do the rest. For hospital-based physicians, demographics are accessed via the respective hospital web portal. Our charge-entry team enters charges on a daily basis, with checks in place to ensure that each patient encounter is captured for submission to the appropriate payer. We offer and encourage the use of a verification process for this purpose.


Without proper and up to date Insurance Credentialing/Payer Enrollment, all other aspects of the medical billing cycle are irrelevant. As the application processes vary by payer and are frequently burdensome to a practice’s staff, MPB will manage initial and ongoing credentialing with the appropriate payers in the practice region.


In recent years, healthcare costs have shifted. With an expanded selection of medical plans, patients have taken on a greater percentage of costs. Now, more than ever, medical billers must take action to ensure timely patient payments. MPB understands this need and has procedures in place to assist. With automated billing reminders, MPB periodically calls patients with outstanding charges and reminds them to pay. For patients who prefer a more modern billing system, MPB will assist in creating an online payment portal system to participating clients. This system makes it easy for patients to view and pay their bills securely online. Furthermore, patients are given the option to set up recurring automatic payments, which have proven effective at initiating complete patient payments.


Expert coding services can be provided by our team of Certified Professional Coders. Coding consultants are also available for resolution of specific issues.

claims submission

Clean information in, clean information out. Why wait 2-3 weeks for a denial on a claim that could have been anticipated. With a combination of human expertise and industry standard software, MPB has processes in place to 1) ensure acceptance of the claim by the payer, and 2) make appropriate corrections to claims that would otherwise be denied.

patient statements

Having confirmed that all other payers have appropriately reimbursed the practice for a submitted claim, a remaining balance may be owed by the patient. In these instances, a statement will be generated with a detailed and patient-friendly explanation of the balance due. Should the patient have questions concerning his/her statement, he/she may contact our Patient Help Line.


MPB has dedicated and experienced representatives on Patient Help Line to respond to any question a patient may have about his/her statement. Each statement explicitly informs the patient to contact MPB with any questions and concerns; thus, relieving practice staff of the burden. We offer and encourage the use of a credit card vendor so that we can take payments over the phone.

eob analysis/reporting

MPB will review and analyze EOB's to verify your practice is getting paid according to your contracted rates with each insurance company. MPB can provide utilization reports each month, if your software allows, to show your office which codes are being billed and your reimbursement for each code.

MPB strives to provide ample data in a clear concise format, so that each practice can make informed decisions concerning its growth and practice patterns. Toward that end, we offer:

  1. Transactions (charges, payments, submissions) are logged daily and made available to the physician.
  2. Depending on the preference of the physician, monthly reports may include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Charges, Payments, Adjustments analyses
    • Financial Class report for charges and payments
    • Payer mix analysis
    • AR Aging by payer
    • Collections report
    • Procedure code analysis

Specialities Served

  • Perinatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Retina
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Fertility
  • MOHs
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Pulmonary
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Home Health
  • Hospitalist
  • Pain Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Otolaryngology 
  • Anesthesiology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • and many others!